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Development and Running of a Lesson Study

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Development and Running of a Lesson Study  Empty Development and Running of a Lesson Study

Post by John Lim CC Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:03 pm

Hi All,

In this thread, it would be an exciting time to explore ways to design a lesson study, either in parts or as a whole to bring together, what we have explored, discussed and shared into something experimental. Something we can all bring to class and try. To see if what we have discussed is really something that works. Or not. It doesnt matter, really, as long as we take the first step, the rest would be just stumbling along and we will find a way and solve issues along the way.

We hope to develop something to try out in the classes by Term 3 (beginning) so that we can do some analysis of our little study to see how we can move on from here.

Lets GO!!!!
John Lim CC
John Lim CC

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