Character Education through E-Pedagogy
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Step 1 Readme First - Rules of Engagement

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Step 1 Readme First - Rules of Engagement Empty Step 1 Readme First - Rules of Engagement

Post by John Lim CC Tue Jan 21, 2020 9:57 am

Dear All,

Welcome to this discussion on CCE in JYSS. The purpose of this online forum discussion is to make use of digital online resources to discuss the following areas of concern for our school. We invite anyone from Junyuan Secondary School to share with us and talk with us on this topic of Character Education in E-Pedagogy.

Some Focal Points of Discussion

a. What is E-Pedagogy.
b. What are some strategies that we can use in terms of platforms, media and resources to deliver the messages of Character Education. (CCE)
c. What is CCE to us?
d. How do we know the strategies are effective.
e. What are some research literature available for us to replicate, question, discover about this area.
f. Can we model it and test it out? - Refer to bullet d.

We should be able to complete the deliverable.

Deliverable of this Discussion

*Have an idea of whether the Topic of Interest is doable - Possible or Not Possible or Possible with some difficulty
* Conducted a few lessons on E-Pedagogy on Character Education with videos, photos and write ups (reports)  
* Tested the Hypothesis on the intervention and its efficacy
* A short paper and presentation on the attempt at answering this question


So do be constructive. Don't be judgmental. Share your ideas and discuss. Its free!!!!This discussion is for documentation and reflection as and whenever, where-ever you are. We should not be bound by time and space to work while managing other parts of our lives. So,

1. Feel free to contribute.
2. Ask questions.
3. Give educated guesses or support with research.
4. Share resources and ideas

Be open minded - and lets try to have fun in the end.
Please note that CCE would henceforth be referred to as CCE, CE, Character Education etc.

Thank you in advance for your contributions.

*Please note that you need to sign up an account and verify your account in your email before your first log in and posting.

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